Press and Publications

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2019 El Periodico [Guatemalan national newspaper]. “Se reduce brecha de mortalidad materna en Chimaltenango, Referencias para asistencia hospitalaria aumentan gracias al uso de tecnología” [Maternal mortality gap in Chimaltenango reduced, Referrals for hospital assistance increase thanks to the use of technology]. May 20, 2019.

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Prensa Libre

2018 Prensa Libre [Guatemalan national newspaper]. “App Salva Vidas: La technología llega en auxilia de las comadronas” [App Saves Lives: The technology arrives to assist midwives]. Aug 26, 2018. pgs. 1, 14-17. Accompanied by online video, “Una app para control materno en Tecpán, Chimaltenango” [An app for maternal control in Tecpán, Chimaltenango].

2018 CE Valderrama, F Marzbanrad, L Stroux, B Martinez, R Hall-Clifford, C Liu, N Katebi, P Rohloff, and GD Clifford. Improving the Quality of Point of Care Diagnostics with Real-Time Machine Learning in Low Literacy LMIC Settings: Full Paper. Proceedings of ACM SIGCAS Computing and Sustainable Societies (ACMSIGCAS-COMPASS2018). Article 4, 11 pages.

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