Student training at Emory: Co-Design for Health Tech

This interdisciplinary course will provide an overview of the key issues involved in the introduction of sustainable healthcare technology in resource-constrained settings. The course combines lectures on critical concepts in affordable health care technology development and implementation, including needs evaluation, supply chain infrastructure and usability design, financial sustainability, and the ethics of low-cost healthcare provision, with practical learning. Through close faculty mentorship, small groups of students will work in cross-disciplinary teams to create a solution to an identified real-world health problem, such as delivering clean water or perinatal monitoring. Students will develop low-cost mobile health (mHealth) innovations in recognition that such technologies are increasingly relied upon as a rapid route to implementing and deploying healthcare solutions. Organizations based within relevant resource-constrained settings will be identified who can provide feedback and detailed information important to the solutions; wherever possible, pilot implementation of student-developed apps will be facilitated with local partners at the conclusion of the course.

Student learning objectives:

  1. Evaluate key healthcare delivery barriers in resource-constrained settings
  2. Conduct needs assessment for a critical healthcare delivery issue in a specific resource-constrained setting
  3. Design a mobile device-based application to address a healthcare delivery problem
  4. Plan for pilot implementation and potential sustainability of a mobile device-based healthcare solution
  5. Describe the roles of key disciplines and perspectives in creating, implementing, and evaluating mHealth solutions

The Co-Design Lab faculty further support graduate and post-graduate student supervision and training. Please contact us with your interest.

Professional Trainings

Dr. Clifford and Dr. Hall-Clifford support professional trainings in mHealth and co-design principles.

Dr. Clifford co-organized and Dr. Hall-Clifford contributed to the Fogarty International Center’s the Global mHealth Research Training Institute at the U.S. National Institutes of Health's main campus in Bethesda, Maryland, in June 2016.