Current Projects

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safe+natal offers low-cost monitoring and support for key complications during pregnancy and birth. Based on a human-centered approach to cutting-edge technology, safe+natal promotes culturally sensitive maternal care and maximizes health system resources.

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A partnership with Morehouse School of Medicine, the Moyo Health Network reduces the risk of heart disease by empowering young adults to embrace behaviors that can improve heart health through creative digital health strategies. mHealth technologies are harnessed to allow user-driven monitoring of cardiovascular health, including physical activity, sleep quality, food choices, and mental health.

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Blood Pressure Monitoring

Accurate blood pressure measurements require accurate devices. These are often expensive and cumbersome. This project focuses on the design of simple to use and low cost devices (based on pressure and more recently, ultrasound) which can redefine how we understand hypertension in under-served populations, particularly during pregnancy.

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Water Quality Testing

The persistence of diarrheal pathogens in global water sources continues to adversely impact human health. In partnership with water filtration social enterprise EcoFiltro and the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, the Emory Co-Design lab is working to develop a novel approach to water quality testing by coupling a low-cost microscopy device with a smartphone to automate analysis by using artificial intelligence for image segmentation and object detection. We hope to transform the water quality testing landscape by providing accurate, low-cost water quality testing in low-resource contexts and enable rapid results for citizen science efforts.

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Global Health Fieldwork Ethics

The Co-Design lab is centered on the principles of health equity and partnership. The foundation of evidence-based practice in global health depends on the knowledge gained through field research and program implementation, but often the voices of those on the ground and doing the work are left out. The Co-Design Lab brings together researchers and practitioners from across global health disciplines to address ethical challenges in global health fieldwork.